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Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Organic fertilizers are environmentally friendly and don’t pollute the  groundwater and other waters.


Improve the soil structure

Due to the organic substances which are present in organic fertilizers, the soil structure improves. The soil is more ventilated  and water can easier and quicker flow into the ground.


The demand for pesticides decreases.

The soil is supplied with organic fertilizers and a microbic activity is created. The plants are healthier and more resistant, the demand for pesticides decreases.


No fertilizer overdose

Unlike artificial fertilizers where we can quickly overdose the plants, is this with organic fertilizers quite unlikely.


Rich in organic substances

Organic fertilizers are rich in organic substances which are necessary for the growth of microbes.


The quality and the crop yield improves

Because of the microbic activity which is prompted by the organic fertilizers, the quality and the crop yield improves.

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