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We strive for a healthy lifestyle and we encourage others to get sustainable solutions for growing produce. We want to improve the lives of individuals and their families!

The young Slovenian company Organics Nutrients has developed an organic fertilizer from larvae of bugs of the wetlands, which promotes the growth and resistance of plants. A promise of 20 percent of a larger crop.

Organics nutrients on the 51st MOS representing organic fertilizer Big plant.

The young start-ups found their entrepreneurial path in mealworms. Within a few months, they have already made some business success.

Brothers Aleš and Bojan presented the Business Maribor show and presented organic plant Big Plant and plans for the future.

As Bojan Kujavec said, he and his brother Aleš, also co-founder of Organics Nutrients, “have been thinking of the advantages and how to bring them closer to customers since the very beginning of the product’s construction.

In the beginning of 2017, the Organic Nutrients story began with the desire to cultivate the largest, most healthy and delicious plants in a natural way.

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