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Organic liquid fertilizer for growth and blossom Power Plant

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Organic liguid fertilizer for growth and blossom.



Is an organic fertilizer of high quality for growth and blossom of plants. It is perfect for all kinds of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers and also for grassland. Due to the perfect amount of nitrogen and potassium it can be used through the whole fertilizing period of the plants. It contains also a plant extract, humic acid and algae extract for the perfect development of the root system and a higher resistance of the plants.

N-P-K 5-1-5

  • Organic and vegan formula
  • Encourages the growth and blossom of plants
  • Contains humic acid, algae, Trichoderma  and bacillius subtilis for plant strengthening  and higher yielding crops
  • Suitable for vegetables, fruit, herbs, balkony flowers and also grassland
  • Due to sugar content also perfect food for soil microbes
  • It can be used also as a fertilizer for leaves
  • Suitable for ecologic production


Watering: 3-5ml / 1l water

Leaf fertilizer: 3 ml / 1l water

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0,5 l, 1 l, 5 l

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