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In a natural way to a great yield.

We are a young team of innovative and persistent individuals, who wish to improve the way of growing plants and achieve a more healthy soil.

Our aim is to enable the most healthy, the most productive and the most profitable harvest for our diet and other intentions. We want to reduce the impacts for the environment by producing natural fertilizers and aids for fertilization.

In a natural way to the biggest plants.

Every day better for you!

The community can have a great influence on the sustainable development of the soil, therefore we encourage people of new forms of cultivation and growing their own plants and want to raise awareness about the continual way of life.

By means of organic fertilizers the soil is getting better in a natural way, which results in a quicker growth, higher content of nutrients, the crop yield improves and a much higher quality of food is achieved.



We believe that together we can contribute to the development of the environment. By using our fertilizers we will contribute for a more healthy planet.



We encourage people for a more natural and sustainable growing of plants and their produce.



With a constant upgrading of our knowledge, searching for new solutions to improve the quality of the soil and the sustainable way of life.

Aleš Kujavec

Aleš Kujavec

Bojan Kujavec

Bojan Kujavec

We are here for you!



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